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    Which triggers are better--------------or worse?
    Are DDrums worth the money------. etc.......need info!
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    How do you plan on using them? In studio only? Taking them on tour? In a permanent installation or will they need to be changed often? Just for home experimentation? Are you looking for triggers for acoustic drums or trigger pads to replace or use in addition to acoustic drums?

    Ddrums are worth the money. Roland's RT's are nice too but more expensive. If you're handy, make your own. Way cheaper and with a little practice, just as good.

    Me? I like Pintech. Easy to use, Not too big (like the rolands) and cheap to replace.
  3. eddies880

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    I plan on using them for studio use only....will need to be taken off drum kits not too often.....thye will be used on acoustic sets.
    As far as making youre own,I would,If I were a drummer.
    I located the "do-it-youreself"trigs on e-bay---apparantly,theres not too much in building them.
    Im looking into Ddrums Res Shots,due to the fact of there 1/4 jacks.
    Im going to be using a DM5 as the module,do I run the outs from the module to a pre,or straight into the recorder?
    Im figuring direct to recorder isthe best way,Ill comp&eq later during mix down?
  4. eddies880

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    As far as Pintech------do run accross doulbe hits using the Pins?

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