Trouble routing audio (O2R96 with Apogee AP8 cards )

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by ProMix420, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. ProMix420

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    I'm having no luck with my AP8 cards and O2R96. The Apogee manual isn't very indepth. I really want to rout my stereo bus and control room though the AP8-DA converters.
    Can anyone give me some good advice?

    I Also can’t get my AP8-AD card to work.
  2. TomF

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    ProMix420 ,

    Check out this link for the Yamaha Pro forum. All of there members are users of the 02R96,Dm2000 and the Dm1000. They should be able to help you out.

    Hope this Helps!
  3. ProMix420

    ProMix420 Guest


    Thanks, I'll let everyone know how it goes.
  4. ProMix420

    ProMix420 Guest

    Yah it sucks!

    Yah it sucks!
    I can’t believe it. I know there’s got to be other people out there that own a 02R96 as well as the AP8 cards. For crying out loud, this is Apogee and Yamaha we’re talking about. You think there would be thousands of people out there that have encountered the same problems. Apogee says to contact Yamaha and Yamaha says to contact Apogee. What’s the deal?!
  5. ProMix420

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    Still no luck

    Still no luck, I got the correct jumper settings from Apogee for 96k (pin 1 & 2) but the cards still stop at 48k. They said they don't even own a 02R96 to test it out on. Dose any one use this configuration out there? Can you help?

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