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    I've completed most of the studio and we recorded some stuff the other day. Drums came out sounding great. Problem is with the guitars.

    We always got good recording out of our guitars when we had everything in the same room. This time, with the guitar in the seperate room, it just sounded like crap.

    I just wonder if anyone else has had any severe tone degregation from running a guitar signal through TRS connectors. The connectors on the wall only run about 2' of TRS cable between them.

    I guess the other factor could be that now the amp is in a smaller room. But, we're not using any room mic and I just don't think the tone from the direct mic would be this much worse.

    Any bad experiences running guitar through TRS connectors?
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    This forum is acoustic construction - you really want a recording forum - so I am moving it there for you.

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    Nov 25, 2005
    "TRS cables" are usually excellent compare to "guitar cables", but it depends upon the brand. A good TRS cable can carry signal a lot farther than 2' without and dramatic degradation. :cool:

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