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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by ganubis, Dec 31, 2007.

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    I have a lot of pro audio experience dating about 10 years ago but my life moved in a different direction so I'm a bit lost. I want to achieve sub 10ms latency with guitar rig 3.
    I have an HP pavillion dv9000 laptop with conexant hidef audio. I'm thinking about buying a usb audio adapter with ASIO drivers. I'm going to be using this pretty much for screwing around on my guitar. Can anyone help me on the cheap? Or will it even make a difference?
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    I think ASIO will make a difference. Using a dedicated audio interface with ASIO drivers should allow you to bring down the latency to a very respectable level.

    Unfortunately I don't have too much experience with many of the interfaces out there. Hopefully others here will be able to offer up some good advice on that.
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    I'm sorry I dont have the answer for you but I will say this to try to save you from some pain. I never had any good luck with getting my USB interface, a Tascam US-428, to give me better than like 19ms latency with ASIO drivers installed in Cubase SX1 and 3. I dont know if that is just the way USB is or not. You might be better off with a FW interface.

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