Trying to get that guitar sound.

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by tempest1226, Mar 16, 2007.

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    Hello everyone. IM really having a rough time and about to give up trying to do research cause i feel like ive seen every website there is. lol. haha. Im starting to wonder if there is settings that i dont know about in my protools 6.4 that are messed up or set wrong because all im trying to do is record my dual rectifier with a sm57 and all i get is this harsh tone that sounds horrible and i hear clips of other people doing the same simple thing and its so much more cd quality. Ive experimented moving the mic every which way, and i have no pedals or anything hooked up that could affect anything. Its just a mesa dual rec, mesa 4x12, with an sm57 into the input of the digi002.
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    lol I just made a post about this. I've done the same with a trip rect and it sounds bad... Why? If youre recording in a small room... Boo on a 4x12!

    Use a 1x12. Or just do it direct... Itll probably sound better direct as opposed to miced. Back off on the gain. If you usually use that much gain live, or with a band for example, back it off a pretty decent amount. You'll notice an improvement in clarity, itll be cleaner that way =)
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    how do i go direct with the dual rec. how do i hook up that configuration.
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    You might want to try a smaller amp, I use a small amp with 8inch speaker for recording.

    Chances are you have to play at a certain level to get your sound, your space may not be best place for that level.

    Over the years I've used several different methods including putting the amp in another room, and palying in the control room.

    Because I don't have a good accoustic space at home I use the line out, or go directly from my Efx unit. That takes the mike and room treatment out of the eqution.

    For song writing purposes I'll just go direct and use the plugins in Logic Pro, sometimes the original take are keepers.

    Improvise, adapt.

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    Yeah I would do just a lineout, assuming a dual rect has a lineout. On my practice amp, for example, I could mic it, or if I cant (lets say I am recording tunes so I can remember riffs but everyone is sleeping) I can just go out from the lineout/headphone jack. While its not the best, it works.

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