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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by ishedoneyet, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. ishedoneyet

    ishedoneyet Guest

    Hi i'm so far i am totally clueless it appears :cool:

    first,heres my equipment
    jvc22 cd+g player
    yamaha emx66m powered mixer
    Input Connectors:
    CH1-4: XLR and TRS Phone
    CH5, 6:XLR and 2 * TRS Phone
    Aux Sends: 2 (1MONITOR, 1EFFECT)
    2 15" yamaha speakers
    2 sm57 mics
    M_audio Audiophile
    Adobe Audition Software(i set it up so the audiophile is the playback and recording device)

    I am trying to set up my system to record 2 tracks,1 voice and one the music and mix down from there.

    Heres what i've done so far
    i hooked my "OUT" from Cd player to the "IN" on audiophile...Then i went from the "OUT" on the audiophile to the "IN" on the mixer.
    Power it all up and i get no sound when playing a cd,the sound should be coming from the mixer?
    I checked to all the settings in the audiophile control panel like mute etc.. i can see the bars going up and down in the audiophile control panel.I don't have a set of headphones,so i can't tell if i'm getting sound from there.
    any help would be greatly appreciated,My heads starting to hurt
  2. ishedoneyet

    ishedoneyet Guest

    well i finally got it to record and playback the music but it wont record my mic,still not sure if it's hooked up right.
    should i be using the 2 s/pdif? my goal is still the same,record the music from the cd+g to one track and the voice to another track while singing along.
    do i need something else other than an m-audio FIrewire Audiophile?
    this is just a home hobby i'm trying to do,if i can get to a point where i can start to get an understanding on whats going on i would then start to consider better equipment.
  3. iznogood

    iznogood Well-Known Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    how can youexpect to record the mic if it's only the cd that is connected to the audiophile???

    mic>mixer>audiophile>mixer>speakers.... cd>mixer.... etc...

    if you don't understand get someone qualified to set it up...

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