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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by View 1, May 15, 2003.

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    I've been looking for some time now at getting a new mic ( I currentley own one mic an AT4033 and haven't had great succsess with it on rap vocals a couple of female singers have had great results though which that mic exsels at that anyway )

    Anyway I'm currently using the stock pre's on my 001 and it will be some time before I can add a decent mic pre. I'm waiting for the Studio Projects VBT-2 sounds very good for the $$$

    Anyway I've been researching mic's and kind of came to 3 choices.

    1.) Groove Tubes GT-66 - I dont need the 67 and the different pattern's.

    2.) Studio Projects T-3.

    3.) SE Electronics SE-5500.

    I didn't inclued the NTK for this reason I need a mic that will work will across a broad vocal range, and while the NTK is great for deep voiced male's it isn't the 1st choice with others, and I need variety. I could get the NTK and add something like a Studio Projects C1 but I dont know well $*^t now I just could do that too??? Now I'm really confused!!!!!!!!!!lol

    The cats I record on a regular basis are mostley alto's but I have two that have deep voices and one whos voice is real deep. Keep that in mind.

    From what I've read the GT-66 is pretty nuetral so that would work well with alot of differnt voice's, while I've read the T-3 is darker sounding so that may limit it a bit for what I need.

    Any suggestions need help????????????
  2. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member

    Jan 14, 2003
    I'm a full voice tenor (Steve Perryish to Jackie Wilsonish, After 7, Kansas, Styx, Queen) type of singing (what a combo right!) the NTK sounds very good on my voice.

    My personal choice (which I absolutely love) which has the same sizzle as the NTK, but much more of a fuller body sound (not as scooped across the mids as the Rode)....its the Groove Tubes Model 1b its a vintage sounding tube mic, (a re-issue of there legendary model 1a) its awesome (around $500ish)..I've ran that mic through tube pre's and solid state pre's with equal success.

    its a single pattern mic which I feel is GT's best sounding mic. lots of character for a soulfull/delicate/yet powerfull singer.

    Groove Tubes Model 1b
    Aspen Pittman is the owner and designer of GT mics and pre's. he's very helpfull and will answer all questions regarding his different mics and there best applications.

    he's at or (818)361-4500
    I'm not affiliated, I just really like my mic and the service they provided for me in my decision.

    M-Audio distributes GT gear.

    good luck
  3. themidiroom

    themidiroom Active Member

    Apr 20, 2002
    St Louis
    I have a Groove Tubes GT55 and it has worked very well on rap vocals. I believe the GT66 is the tube version of that mic.

  4. jg

    jg Guest

    I don't know much about mics but in some recent Gangstarr interviews they mention the AKG414 (believe 1 of the interviews is in Remix mag).
    I have heard of the 414 being used by other artists & the Shure SM57 or 58 as well.

    I've done hip hop vocals on nothing more than cheap Radio Shacks mics & they came out fine.
  5. leeg

    leeg Guest

    I have a GT66 which I like more for my voice than my former NTK. It is much less bright and not scooped sounding like the NTK, rather it's more 'solid' and present. I tend to boost the highs for more air though, since it seems to be on the darker side, which may be OK for some voices. I use the GT66 with a Great River MP2NV and Speck EQ. After going through several mics, including AT4040, TLM103, CAD300, Soundelux U195, I find the GT to be my favorite for vocals.
  6. lowdbrent

    lowdbrent Guest

    Why do you have to have a tube mic?. In this price range, a cheap tube mic will not sound like a great tube mic, or as good as a great condenser.
  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    The mic pres in the 001 are pretty much no good. A pre can make all the difference in the world. If you have the best paint but a lousy paintbrush you will not get a good result. Same thing with mics and pres. Look into the Studio Projects tube condenser and get at least one good pre and compressor. The RNP and a RNC or the VT1 with a RNC should be fine for what you need. Also check out a Shure SM7a if you can find one. Great mic for hip hop vocals ... Kurt
  8. check out the adk a-51TC.. you can get them on ebay buy now for $399.. sounds even cleaner than the T3
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    Trust me I know this, I like many people are waiting for more info on the Studio Projects VT-B2 or what ever its called. If the price is right then I will get that plus the RNC and I will be pretty much set for awhile any way. I was looking at the M-audio Tampa ( Mr Aspen Pittman from groove tubes designed this unit ) but a stereo unit would be alot more convient for me.
  10. Hasse

    Hasse Guest

    There is another mic to check, the Audix CX101/111. http:// . I have A/B'd it against an NTK among others and they are quite similar in sound.

    The Audix (101) of course didn't have that low price valve and annoying high mid distortion that you don't find in Neumann's or Gefells. The Audix is not a valve mic but I prefer its sound until I can get the real valve stuff...and it's an original design what I know, and this makes it much more fun to use. I got one and I recommend it.

    I agree on the thoughts about a preamp. I've heard good stuff about the Summit 2BA-221 if you want to keep the costs down but I've never tried it myself. Guess you can find something on Ebay too.

  11. shaneperc

    shaneperc Active Member

    May 25, 2003
    I second this notion, depending what you record more. For a more R&B type hip-hop (Lauren Hill, etc.) a tube condenser is a good idea, but for rap, it's a bit too graceful. It's not going to be in-your-face enough. An SM7 (in the same price range as the other mics mentioned) is a great mic for anything like JaRule or louder.
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