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Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by cankarvi, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. cankarvi

    cankarvi Guest


    does someone know source for DIY tube microphone cable (Mogami, Canare ...) and for Switchcraft
    connectors QG5M and QG7M (output male insert for microphone). What kind of cables you people using
    for DIY mics ?
  2. jrmintz

    jrmintz Guest

    I used Gotham tube mic cable, and there is also Mogami available. I got it from Redco Audio Redco Audio They carry both, I believe.

  3. zebra50

    zebra50 Guest

    Mogami tube mic cable - expensive but nice and the insualtion doesn't melt too easily so it's good for soldering! I haven't tried the gotham.
  4. gus

    gus Guest

    I have a 1/2 finished DIY cable. After I saw a pic of the Blue brand cable I decided to try to build one myself.

    I took some ground braid and threaded twisted pair teflon, this is not fun. Now I am going to lace the braid tight to the twisted pair. I am then going to lace heater etc wires to the twisted and place the mess in expando tubing.
    I think it might be better to buy it. I just wanted to DIY it.

    I hope to lace the wires tight enought so I do not get noise form movement.

    I saw a web page with the 6 wire tube mogami cable for $1.50 a foot.

    Klaus Heyne has posted at the Neumann pinboard or some place else that the Gotham GAC 7? has the best shielding IIRC.
  5. jrmintz

    jrmintz Guest

    Yes, Klaus worked on one of my mics and recommended the Gotham cable. It's called a double-Reussen shield. I have no idea what that means.

  6. Maybe he means "reusen", that is a german word for a fishing net, weirs or a flue. It would makes sense.
  7. rmburrow

    rmburrow Active Member

    Dec 26, 2012
    western PA
    Depending on what mic you have, the Gotham cable is good. You can order it directly from Gotham at Gotham Audio LLC ~ The exclusive American and Canadian importer for Gotham Audio Cables or get on the horn and call up Lew at 610 746-9342. Gotham's location is near Allentown, Pa. The Gotham cable is fine for the Neumann U 67. If you have Neumann KM54 type mics that use the 6 conductor cable, you will need Mogami 3172.

    I believe in both cables, the conductors for the tube heaters is slightly larger gauge wire than the audio, HT, etc. The Gotham cable shielding is very good. I couldn't use the Gotham cable on the KM54 since the Tuchel connectors limit the outer diameter of the cable in the strain relief and elsewhere.
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