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    Hi all!
    Not sure if this is the right forum, but I'll give it a go anyway. My Yamaha SW1000XG is getting a bit old and I've been planning to upgrade for some time now. The question is, what do I do with it once I have my new interface? No point selling it, since it's quite old, but I was thinking it would be an idea to use it only as a synth, since it has quite a lot of good sounds in it.
    I'm thinking of just putting it in my old computer, and strip it down to bare essentials. I just want to use it as a synth module, and control it from my midi keyboard. Now, question is, what kind of software do I use? I could just use some freeware midi sequencer like Jazz or similar, but I don't really need a sequencer. All I want is something that converts the midi signals and sends the audio output to the sound card out. I don't need to record the midi signals, I'll just plug the SW1000 out into my new audio interface and record the audio.
    Is there any such program (sorry if I sound confused, I'm not so good at midi stuff), preferably something that runs as a background service or sits in the system tray (I'm running Windows XP)? Ideally I don't want to access the computer itself, just have it running and do all changes via the midi keyboard.
    Am I making any sense here? If not let me know and I'll try to clarify! :)

    Anyway, if anyone has any ideas/tips I would be very grateful!

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    I think that card has a MIDI in on it, doesn't it? If so, you should be able to simply plug your MIDI controller into it, then take the audio outputs of the card and send them to your audio interface and you're done.

    You may need to route the incoming MIDI to a sound via XGWorks.
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    Yes, the card has midi onboard. Problem is, unless I'm running a sequencer (like cubase) or XGEdit (only have the Windows95 version of XGWorks which doesn't seem to run on XP even in compatibility mode) I get no audio output. And here's where my lack of midi knowledge comes in, I don't know why. Should I get sound anyway? As far as I can tell (with my VERY limitied midi knowledge) the midi signals need some sort of mapper to produce sounds, which the sequencer apparently provides. It would be nice to have such a "mapper" running as a background service so I can run it as a headless system, just switch it on and not worry about it...

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    MIDI master keyboard + good soundcard + good softsynths, and you get a never-aging omnipotent synthesizer...

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