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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by peranders, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. peranders

    peranders Guest

    Hello, anyone out there what knows about techical specifications of my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card? Impossible to get from Turtle Beach...

    I want to now

    output impdeance
    max output level
    min load
    Short circuit proof output?

    Input impedance
    Max input voltage for FS
    max input voltage to avoid damage

  2. pr0gr4m

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    Feb 9, 2005
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    I'm not sure why you need all of that. It's just your average sound card. I have one in one of my computers.

    It's designed for a multimedia computer environment. NOT for professional recording. Just use it as you would any normal sound card. It's got speaker outs and direct outs.

    Voltages? just plug it into your PCI slot. Voltage handled.
  3. peranders

    peranders Guest

    The reason I want to know is that I don't want to damage the card and I also want to use at it's max performance. I use it for distortion analysis.

    I have used Rightmark Audio Analyzer

  4. pr0gr4m

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    Feb 9, 2005
    South Florida
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    Honestly, it's a run of the mill audio card...better than some worse than others. The sorts of details you ask for are not generally required or given for the average consumer product.

    If you are serious about any sort of audio analysis, you should really think about getting a superior sound card or test equipment.

    But if you insist, a simple google search turned up these facts...

    Audio Converter resolution:
    - Playback 20 bit, at up to 48 kHz
    - Recording 18 bit, at up to 48 kHz
    DSP processing power 400 MIPS
    Sampling Rates Supported 5 kHz to 48 kHz
    Signal to Noise Ratio > 95 dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion Lower than 90 dB below 0 dBFS (0.0032%)
    Digital Audio Depth: 18 Bits
  5. peranders

    peranders Guest

    Those facts do I have already. I just wanted to know the "other facts".

    This SC is "plain" I know but I can do some measurements and it can indicate things.

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