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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by audiowkstation, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. audiowkstation

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    Jun 29, 2001
    First, I use to be able to d load in IE5, 6 to 8 files at a time. In XP, I click file d load and only two will go at a time..and one must complete before I get another to save file. Is there a setting I can adj. to make it where I can have 7 ot 8 d loads at a time actually comming in?

    It is most annoying and I have plenty of speed.


    Is this BS?? Is it a bot for adv or a real deal?

    PS link is safe..I did not d load the trial though..just did the link here. I feel most this $*^t will SLOW a system..but this one looks like it may have an advantage for those that have a 400 to 700mhZ proc. and all. Curious of this one...

    BS or not?

    BTW...I have some new discs I did not send the package..should have let you know..but very intensely busy. I can get the improved ones to you betwen 26/1st Cool?/
  2. TheRealWaldo

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    I'm not Opus, but I am a tech ;)

    The number of synchronous connections to the server (downloads) is limitted by the SERVER, not the client, therefor, it will depend where you are downloading from how many downloads it will allow you. This is done to prevent 1 user from using up all the available bandwidth on a server, and to prevent DOS type attacks on the server. There is nothing you can do to get around this, other than spoofing and hacking.

    Next, the application, looks to me like its simply a memory defrag/recovery tool. Can help a tiny little bit if you leave your machine on constantly, however, can cause unexpected results and errors. Generally this sort of software contains spyware, with bold claims of huge increases in performance. Most of these claims are BS. There is memory defrag/recovery tools that are available completely free, and lack any spyware. The advantage is nominal, I generally do not use one, but then, I only have 2 Windows boxes out of 12 machines!

  3. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    This is true...I do recall some setting thought that did let you change how many downloads you can do at a time...I'll see if I can rack my brain at some point to remember where the hell that was again
    Till then, Waldo is correct. Some sites will only allow you to do two at a time
  4. TheRealWaldo

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    Opus, you may be thinking of the old NetScape 'number of synchronous connections' setting for page viewing, in which a higher setting will have it download more than one image/resource that appears in the HTML at the same time. This is just a local performance setting, and mostly broke down to preference as older machines couldn't render a webpage very fast, and net connections were at best 56k.

    The setting did NOT affect binary downloads of mime-types that fell outside of the 'viewable' within the browser category.

    The limitation to maximum number of sychrnous connections was still set by the server, and even if you set your client to allow more, you could only get as many as the server allowed going.

    Typical limitations:

    IIS based servers default to 5 max. per unique connection
    Apache based servers default to 3 max. per unique connection

    The system administrator can usually edit this, but these days, as user connections average 500kbs+, to give a single user full performance, the server would need to sit on a 1500kbs upstream line to allow 3 unique connections. Such a line costs a few hundred dollars a month. So you can see how quickly the expense could add up, and why the limitation is required.


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