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Discussion in 'Music Business' started by spacelabstudio, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. Hello, my friend James and I are being hired to compose and record a film score for an independently produced documentary. (James and I comprise Chamber Corps: http://chambercorps.com/). We're about 99% certain we'll do it but we still have to hammer out the business details. Basically, they are interested in paying us fair market value, and all we have to do if figure out what fair market value is and what kind of deals are usually struck for this sort of thing. Since the budget for the film, naturally, is very low, we'll probably be taking a token amount up front and then a stake in the film in the (unlikely?) event that the film makes any money.

    At any rate, if anybody here has any experience with this and would like to share, I'd love to talk to you and pick your brain. This is our first film score and we truly have no idea what we're doing yet. Hell, if you're in the Triangle area of North Carolina, I'll buy you a meal and/or drinks.

    Thank you!

    Chris Rossi
  2. tumbledown

    tumbledown Guest

    Chris, I just found this post. How did it pan out for you?
  3. Still working on it, thanks.


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