UA LA-610?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Krou, Oct 12, 2004.

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  1. Krou

    Krou Active Member

    May 27, 2001
    Funny, I just noticed this unit while browsing one of the online retailers, and forgive me if my lack of experience (w/top shelf gear) really shows here but, does it not seem like a killer deal for $1400? If a 6176 retails for $2200, it makes me wonder, did they cut any corners to achieve this? I realize the compressor is different, but other than that, I wasen't expecting a channel strip this sexy with the UA logo on it to be so...affordable?

    I would love to learn more, as I was leaning on a Vintech Dual 72, but now....oh now we got a new can o' worms to deal with. Since I'm mainly concerned about vox and bass, I'm putting the channel strip ahead of a dual-pre for the time being.

    To be fed by a forthcoming TLM-103.
  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    Well, for one thing, the LA2A part is not really the exact same as the reissue LA2A. It is more of an influenced LA2A design. The second thing is that I'm not really sure I'd want the tone and tubey-ness of both the 610 preamp and the LA2A sound combined. If I did, it wouldn't be something I want or use very often.
  3. huub

    huub Guest

  4. sdevino

    sdevino Active Member

    Mar 31, 2002
    Have to agree with AudioGaff on thisone. My 2-610 was a nice pice it just sat around a lot as I almost always picked my API's or Great River Pres over it.

    The LA-2A is a great bass tool, and the original or copy is the only real way to get that sound.BUT, given the choice of a modern Daking compressor or the LA-2A I pick the Daking in more cases than not.

    If you want to hear great bass, get the mercenary version of the Great River MP-2NV and a Daking compressor.

    NO EQ needed.
  5. Krou

    Krou Active Member

    May 27, 2001
    Thanks for your replies, I'm still at least a month away from buying anything, which will give me time to reasarch this a little more. Preamps aside for a second, I checked out the Daking site and I must admit, that's gotta be one of the nicest consoles I've ever seen!

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