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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by esthar, May 17, 2007.

  1. esthar

    esthar Guest

    I know the UA topic may be overdone at this point, but I have a few questions regarding their equipment and your personal experience with UA gear. I don't have alot of bucks but I'm looking for a mid to high end mic pre, with vintage sound and colour for about $1600. The Putnam designs have always excited me, and some of my favorite records were recorded with the 610 console. But my personal experience with UA products is lacking, and I'm left a bit skeptical. I'm interested in the LA-610 so I can have a decent compressor as well. So I have a just a few questions:

    How does the modern 610 differ from the original 610 designs?

    Most of my recordings will be many tracks overdubbed(I'd love to record live but I just don't have the resources yet), and I do enjoy saturated sounds, that of Pet Sounds and and Spector stuff, in this situation would the colour of the LA-610 be useful?

    My band is also harmony group, how does this box do for vocals?

    Is it possible to bypass the compressor on the LA-610?

    Are there any other channel strips, that have a vintage vibe to them? If so how do the stand up to the UA products?

    What are some major concerns or disadvantages of the LA-610?

    I'm also not opposed to other brands and solid state like some, but I would like a good quality channel strip with warmth for a modest price. If any light could be shed on this subject, any advise at all, I would be greatly obliged.
  2. esthar

    esthar Guest

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    Your right, discussion on the UA 610 has been over done. UA makes good sounding professional audio gear. You would be best served by getting a hold of one and coming to your own conclusions. A call or email to UA, should clear up any specific questions on what features or limitations each of their products have.
  4. nandoph8

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    Sep 6, 2004
    I like mine. Yes, you can bypass the limiter/compressor. I think it's a great pre/dyn package for the price. The compressor section is no LA2A but it's nice.
  5. esthar

    esthar Guest

    Thanks both for the info, I really do appreciate it. I've contacted UA and it relieves me that you can bypass the compressor :)

    Thanks guys.

    KCRIFFS Guest

    I have a la 610 and love it,its great on vocals, can be clean and also get that grung you seek.great on guitars and bass as well.highly recommended!
    I also hane a Neve Portico 5016,it was only about a grand out the door and this is a super sounding unit as well,but no compressor.
    hope this helps.

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