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    Dec 10, 2001
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    I received my UAD-2 Solo the other day. It came with the basics as well as the Neve 88r strip, Pultec Pro(it has the mid range EQ in it), Fairchild 670, and the EMT 140 plate. I think there might be a couple more and I know theres several demos left in this used card. (Hello OXFORD!) I'm certainly enjoying this thing. Its surprising to me how good the emulations have gotten. Now I know that theres someone out there with an ancient 1176LN that has just enough age and smoke residue on its innards to sound like nothing else in the world.....But for simply being tools to use, this is really good stuff. I also have a Waves bundle. I discovered that I really like the V-Comp for tracking. I didnt think I would ever track with these things, but there ya go....old dogg, new tricks...etc etc.... Anyone else want to jump in here and tell me what I'm missing??

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