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    can some explain to me exactlt how the Uad by UA work?
    I mean I know that it frees up processing power in your computer for plugins, but is it supposed to replace external units(COMPS/EG/etc.)

    Also im using a Grace 101 on a Rode NTK.....I never really hear much about the grace being used on vocals, and I don't really have a chance test other pres.... but im looking into the UA 610 or the avalon 737 or even Great river would be nice. can you tell me what would match up good with the NTK also tell me what you think about the grace on the NTK .
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    UAD Cards give you DSP powered plugins for your DAW. When you run a Native based DAW all of the processing happens on your CPU. With the UAD cards the idea is to take some of the processing away from your CPU and on to the UAD cards. This frees up CPU resources for other plugs and operations.

    Grace mic pres are noted for their clean, transparent sound. A 101 is fine for vocals but might be better suited for Tube/Valve based mics which have a bit if warmth and character to them. I believe NTK are Solid State but there is no rule that they can't be used on Vox - what do your ears tell you?

    Great River make some beautiful solid state mic pres which are on the opposite end of the spectrum from the 101's. The ME1NV yields a nice fat, character filled tone, it would compliment your 101 nicely. The 610 is a tube based Mic pre which again is on the other end of the spectrum from your 101. I own a 2-610 and I definitely think they are worth a listen.

    I also own a 737 which is a channel strip that includes a really nice EQ and a so-so compressor. I am not a huge fan of the 737, it is OK on bass, but I feel the mic pre section is a little weak. I would choose between the Great River and the 610 - either way you can't really go wrong. I have never heard an NTK on any of the aforementioned mic pres so I can't speak specifically about that.

    Hope that helps, cheers!
  3. 9 out of 10 times i use my la 610 for vocals, need that fat sound hit up the ua's
    and the UAD stuff iss very similiar to a hd i belive, bringing the processing to a dedicated chipset rather than your cpu i think......
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    Mar 8, 2004
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    Yep, the stuff above is true.

    The UAD stuff offloads your processing from the computer's CPU(s) to a dedicated, or multiple dedicated processors to do your effects.

    In general, they UAD stuff is pretty darned nice! Will it replace all of your outboard effects? Hard to say. If you have entry level or mediocre outboard stuff - yeah, it will. If you have some nice outboard gear, no, it won't.

    While they do sound quite good in general, the plugs (particularly the EQs and compressors) don't stand up to their outboard counterparts. The reverbs are pretty nice in there, but you have to decide if that's worth all the money.

    As for the Grace 101 - it's an amazing tool. It works well on almost any application - voice is no exception.

    The other mic pres are worlds apart in sound from the Grace. In general, I find the 101 to be pristine and clear. Not strident or agressive or bright, just accurate and sweet.

    The other pres you mention definitely add a dimension of fullness/thickness to the sound. Both are sought after for different reasons and as such, it's good to have both around!

    Good Luck!

  5. Caisson

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    thanks for the info... I really gotta get my hands on a 610.....

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