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    hi guys,

    i'm setting up a high end DAW and would like some opinions on what the ultimate converters are. i'm used to working with apogees, and was considering getting the ad16 or ad16x and using the d/a on the crane song avocet that i'm planning on getting, but i'm curious about what other products might be better, for arguements sake, regardless of price. i've heard good things about prism, and lavry. can anyone recomend something ridiculously expensive? i'd just love to know what is considered the holy grail of converters.

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    Feb 10, 2001
    I have found the converters in the RADAR-V to be better than the Apogee stuff... I have found that I like the D/A of the Lavry over many of my other D/A's... but frankly, the program you've outlined seems like a winner.

    For me it's just easier to work on the RADAR because of the remote... on the occassions when someone really wants to work in a DAW we can just pull the drive and interface it with the DAW and open the session [the new 3.35 RADAR software prints the files as "flattened broadcast wave" files which will open like a native session on any DAW]... the sound quality difference is palpable... but in all honesty, I wouldn't refuse to do a session with the Apogee converters [as I recently refused to do a session with the Shiti-Design "192-HD" converters].

    Best of luck with all you do.

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