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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skettalee, Dec 20, 2004.


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  1. Skettalee

    Skettalee Guest

    I just recently this past weekend started a new company online where underground artists can get their albums heard and possible sold at a central location or store. Its at http://www.underground-albums.com and I started it to see how good it will do. Its still in very basic mode but already had 2 people sign up besides my own album being there. As things pick up and more and more people join in on it I will be adding much better programming for rating, searching & databasing the albums and making everything more user friendly. I am posting it here not really to advertise and see if anyone here would be interested in signing up (there is a small fee of 9.95 a month) but more to find out what you guys out here think about it and see if you would think it would work.

    Im very good at advertising and I am already sure I can get tons of people to show up there even to just check it out. As for the artists, they got to sell themselves but I can surely sell the site as a browsing point.

    If anyone here is checking it out and is interested, please sign up, first month is free and Id just love to see this thing happen.

    Now everyone here, can you please give me your feedback on what you think should be added, or takin out or even changed around to make for a better and bigger site? Im hoping this site gets much bigger than even http://www.soundclick.com eventually and has as many members if not more trying to get out of the underground scene and get noticed or even just get a few more albums sales under their belt.

    Also thinking this would be a great place to hear new great artists you never heard before and wouldn't without this site.

    Feedback please?
  2. Skettalee

    Skettalee Guest

    Come on now please. What is wrong with this whole forum? I thought this was a great place to discuss things about music but now im seeing that http://www.futureproducers.com is a much better place cause people actually respond to your threads!
  3. audiokid

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    Okay, This is a classic troll. Been watching for some time you and you pretty much bite Skettalee.

    see ya...
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