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    I recently started recording in 48k/24b for higher resolution. I am pleased with the sound, it's slightly clearer than 44.1k/16b.
    Now I have come to try and put some 48k 24b PCM wav files onto an audio cd.
    I use Audition and Sonar LE. And when I export a 44.1k 16b wav it sounds horrible, worse than when I recorded at those settings.
    How can I unsample from 48k/24b to 44.1k/16b so I can put it on a cd without it sounding craptastic?
    I currently use Nero to burn.

    I know I'm probably doing something stupid.
    How should it be done?

    Thanks in advance, cheers, best wishes and many happy returns.
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    Oct 23, 2005


  3. Greener

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    Full on! Thanks mate.
    That's a whole lot better.
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    Oct 23, 2005
    No worries!

    "Unsampling" isn't the correct terminology by the way: "downsampling" would be more usual, or "upsampling" to go the other way. Or just "samplerate conversion".
  5. Greener

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    Cheers. That makes sense.
    It can be hard to find info when you don't know the proper name for things.

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