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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by redrabbit, Oct 9, 2004.

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    Apr 24, 2004
    Untill I can afford my next purchase - a Speck XtraMix, I need a way to access my semi-vintage outboard processors, thru my DAW without re-cabling all the time. I have limited IN/OUTs via soundcard (RME).

    But in the meantime, as far as mixers, I picked up these 2 tools (used/cheap):

    ....... "Rane SM-26b mixer/splitter" (8 ch, balanced)

    ......... "Rolls RM-203 mixer" (10 stereo ch, one mono send/return, unbalanced in, balanced out)

    Procsessors (bragging time):
    ......Lexicon PCM 80
    ......Valley Audio 730 Dynamap
    ......Speck Project 316 (16 ch EQ, unbalanced)
    ......MAM Warp 9 (analog filter, mono)

    HERE is what I'm thinking. Tell me if it's nuts......

    Since the splitter turns one stereo pair (OUT from my 'puter), into four stereo, I would send these to each procsessor's Input......and

    ...from procsessor's Output to the other mixer , which would bring it back down to one stereo pair again, and back into 'puter.

    (note 1.) there is a switch from balanced to unbalanced to balanced in the signal.

    (note 2.) the EQ could go in there somewhere.

    What results will this give me?....superflexability, or poor sound?
    What would you do? (I can't try it yet, as I need to locate a missing power supply.)


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