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  1. After a lot of bouncing I realize there are lots of unused samples inside the audio files folder I created for my project. Like many other programs there should be a way to clean up "the pool" (Cubase/ Nuendo term) for being able to backup a lighter folder. I checked the Audio Window chapter but nothing about this "cleaning" is said. I guess that's because there's no "pool" in Logic (a single audio folder for every sample recorded in one song), or an "Audio Files" folder like the one ProTools creates by default for each project. Logic shows an audio window which is independent from a specific folder. Then what's the method for freeing up some space before backup?

    thanks in advance for your help


    PS: Since Logic is almost flawless, excuse me I add a superfluous questions: How can the meters' color (default green in 3.x view) be changed?

    I work with the 3.x view and disabled background high resolution because of memory usage. It always looks nice to me, but the costrast of the green metering levels against the background within the mixer window is not enough for (very) easy viewing. I know it's not a problem, but I was just wondering if that could be done, and got lost among the pages of a hughe manual.
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    Hey Capi, this is what you do:

    Goto the Audio Window go Edit>Select Unused and hit backspace (or if really shure the File>Delete Files command). Now you can select all and move, or copy them to a new Folder (to be shure to have only used Audio in it).
    Keep in mind, that Move only moves the files on the original Volume, it copies and deletes the originals, when moving files to a different Volume than the original. I hope this was clearly spoken...
    You can now delete the Old Folder containing the unused Audio if you need HD-space - don't we all?


    P.S. 5.0 and no custom Meter colours yet... :p
  3. Completely understood. The copy method makes sense for me. As usual, Logic lets you do whatever you like with own hands. I like that. I always have problems purging files under ProTools.

    Thanks :)

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