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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by damohondas, May 13, 2005.

  1. damohondas

    damohondas Guest


    I'm having a problem.. will try to explain as best as i can...

    I am getting an unusual "tick" or "click" type sound when I record bass drum or bass guitar. The sound also appears through the overheads when the drummer clicks his sticks. it doesn't appear anywhere else... It doesn't appear when recording cymbals, toms or snare. Neither does it appear on guitar tracks.

    If I cut at around 50 hz I lose the sound... Fine on overheads but not on Bass. Could it be some kind of electrical problem?
  2. Have you checked to see if you are clipping?
  3. Tick or click

    Definetly sounds like digital distortion. Too much input. Or check to see if your processor is running out.

    When a digital signal goes above its full 16/24 bits it will "truncate" or cut off the signal above resulting in a nastly click or scratch sound...
  4. damohondas

    damohondas Guest


    There is no clipping. The levels can be quite low and still pick it up.

    Its not digital distortion either as I'm using an Analogue desk. This appears even before recording.

    I have tested speakers and cables, although not the amp...

    Any ideas?
  5. Can you give us a listen?
  6. damohondas

    damohondas Guest


    yes I will... I'll get an mp3/wav file..

    but it won't be till monday-ish

    And should I email that to you or can I upload on heer somehow?

    (new to all of this!)
  7. I think you'd have to upload it to your webspace. Make sure its encoded at least at 192, if not 384 or higher. Also, if you don't have a webspace, email it to me at brian@altenhofel.com and as soon as I can I will put it on my server and give a link here for you.
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