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    Glad we're back!!!!! We started recording the CD on Saturday. Things are going great so far, we are ahead of schedule. I think the recording sounds awesome (if I may say so myself). I am tracking everything through 1073s and Hardy pres with 184s on the nylon string guitars, and a variety of mics on the percussion (421, 414. 184, 57, 47, 251, RCA 44 etc...). It really helps that these guys are playing great sounding instruments. I hope to have this finished by about Sept 1. I hope everyone is well. If I'm not here a lot it's 'cause I'll be at the studio most of my waking hours {g}. I'm REALLY looking forward to hearing what some of the talented people here will do with the music!!
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    BC, Canada
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    Glad we're back too. This sounds great Paul :D

    Okay, I have updated the list and Bill will need everyones email address.
    ALL participants on the list below Please send your email address to me ASAP.


    • Should we put a closing date on this?
    • How should we cover the mailing and material costs?

    It looks like this is the breakdown:
    • Buying the CDR blanks
    • Mailing the CD's off
    • Mailing the compilations off.

    Bills' breakdown looks like this:

    Overseas $12 dollars,
    USA and Canada, about $4.

    That seems pretty slim for Canada so...I don't mind sending/ $10 USD funds to cover the costs for my part. I think that's pretty easy to come up with.

    I say to make it simple we all should make out a $10 USD money order to cover the costs.

    Shall we send it to Bill then?


    Here's the closing list:


    RO Group Member
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    Studio B Mastering
    RO Member
    Member # 2887

    Jon Best
    RO Group Member
    Member # 984

    Bill Roberts
    RO Member
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    jeremy hesford
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    RO Group Member
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    Member # 1856

    Paul Gitlitz
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    Design & Marketing
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    Curve Dominant
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    Keith W Blackwell
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    Paul Story-Barking
    Spider Audio
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    andrew hayleck
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    Jun 29, 2001
    Paul's Song it is!

    Here is my address, Label you letter as:

    R/O Project
    C/O Bill Roberts
    PO BOX 1106
    Alma, Arkansas

    My Cell phone if any questions is:
    501 414 6394 After 8PM CST
    Studio Phone is:
    501 632 0207...8AM-8PM CST (6 hours behind London)

    PLEASE include your complete return address.

    As soon as Paul mails me the Project, I will send your CD's out that day. I say we have this wrapped by Oct 1. I will return any unused moneys with the return compilation.

    So...audiokid, when you get the artwork done, just mail it to me to insert. Those who are participating, Email me your addresses so I can have them on file as well.

    Here is the email address:


    I picked up the blank CD's and I am ready on this end. Give yourself some time to do the mastering, I intend to send out all compilations no later than the 20th of September (at or about).

    Going to be fun folks!

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