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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Jbon, May 21, 2004.

  1. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    dear esteemed readers of this forum;
    my issues are complex in nature to the point it is sometimes difficult to clearly impart my question/s
    But I am composing a somewhat complex structured quere, or thingy whatchma kawlett.. just needing to ask a number of things
    together in an understandable way since my problems require it, as I can best detect..
    I have a system I've assembled which I am trying to work a number of quite fundamental kinks out of;
    It uses asus p4p800deluxe mobo(which the bios upgrading of which is a major one of these issues I think) ;
    I had been calling the good techs team for asus in LoueeVille, I am still likely to keep this ritual going, but I feel
    impelled to try to make my foremost issues known to readers such as yourself, out of simply the fact that
    I have come to realise the best techs do not have tech jobs sometimes, and cannot be reached by calling asus,
    no offense to anyone, but this is what I believe.
    The flashing of my bios is critical cuz its a prescott processor I will use, but I am just trying to get situated with the new mb and perhaps the new os I have to install and the raid array will come, but I am not expecting an issue here, but I won't know til I get to that. Right now since I am going to boot from a scsi disk, I must get this situated and started up and running in its correct order or sequence of priority, an issue I would listen to all advice concerning, there,
    and ther are still other issues I still yet have not recalled to name, at this point, but as you can see there is enough already to juggle, even without that which I left out thus far,no? But you now begin to see why my posting skills has been an issue to work out for my type of problems which I need help with.
    I may post in segments since I want to be understood, yet not give too much information so as to overwork anybody who might try to help... this ain't a small thing, but a thing which can be done, with skilled communications established.
    Thanks to anyone still reading.

    "Antec Sonata" is my case which I am puzzled as to what, if anything the connector I attached to thecorresponding "speaker"
    connector on the mb,leads to?;> and thats my quere regarding my case, for now, if anybody also owning this case knows anything ,
    Is there a speaker I missed? or where does this lead to?

    Anybody who can tell me the translated version of how to update my bios to the latest one which supports my prescott, this is my main question of this post;
    I need the afudos 1016 one, but the author must be a different greek than me or something, if anyone can help.. thanks
  2. First of all, calm down... :)
    Make sure that your processor is seated properly, and the heatsink is on the right way around, and that you removed the protective strip from the heat transfer compound on the bottom of the heatsink... It's pretty hard to fry the Intel processors, they have good thermal protection. Is the CPU fan spinning OK? All of the connectors to the case (power switch, speaker etc..) should be clearly defined in the motherboard manual, double check them..
    Take out any other cards etc you have in, keep it to just the video card for now. Take out your RAM and reseat it securely, put in only one module at a time if you have multiple, dodgy RAM is quite common these days. You have the right type of RAM for the board I assume? It is correctly speed rated DDR?
    Not sure if the Matrox card is 1.5V, they're a reasonably old card now, but the Radeon should be fine. Make sure the graphics card is properly seated, they have to be pushed in quite securely...
    If you can get it to light up, then add the things you took out one by one.. Basically, be patient and meticulous.. If it still doesn't light up, it may be a faulty Mobo, I guess you'll have to wait for Monday..
    Good luck!
  3. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    My ram is Crucial 3200 ddr 512 x 2

    I am fairly sticklingly meticuluos with rocking in the sticks methodically, as best as my senses will allow at given moment which..well you know
    I do appreciate your remarks ,I always love to globally converse..its just a GAS.

    Things overthetop down there?

    Good I hope

    I'd love to either be a hundred times better typist or be on a live communique with youse!

    I would like to be around when the norm will be as we will all have virtual communications in the cyber spacial realm, visual/audio in real time so's we might the have real time conversation potential!!

    These things occur to me as I wonder what it would be like to ask about a few other, more or less, unrelated topics but which also regard the pc I am trying to complete.. My skills of imparting certain varied issues to someone do not match my needs at the present time..

    you din' know what you was in for, eh?
    None of us ever do..
    thank you my friend!
  4. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    Feb 15, 2001
    Alberta. Canada
    Did you get your P4P running ?
    First, the G450 card will work, I had the G450DH in while I was waiting for a P650 to arrive.

    You did plug the small 4 pin 12V connector that goes from the PSU to the motherboard for the P4 CPU's ?

    Btw, I have the P4P800 Deluxe.
  5. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    thank you

    I have edited the post in which my new pc build was mentioned,updating the state of things regarding my issues I ask readers for advice regarding, and I appreciate all concerned parties,

    I have succeeded some with problems, talking some to Asus techs alot,
    the main issue was ; my processor is the fresh new (UNSUPPORTED) prescott, so i have my older celeron installed and operating in the p4p800d, but many limits are now in place which I have to remove, the first being that BIOS .
    Its a special skill when you can decipher some 'DIRECTIONS", I have learned. And of course others are not so bad.
    But if anyone knows about the upgrading of my bios, I am so "all ears"

    I have many many other problems to solve afterwards, but this is a major blockage for me today. I have tried to follow the asus directions, but I am leaving out some key factor or something.

    Sorry if I am out forever .. I have been roofing my house, while ther was free help available, so I do not get to do my work which some (In my life)call play, as solid as I would normally.

    I am using an old copy of windows 98 from a pc from the 90's which is on the disk I saved from that old box, but I do intend to use xp home,as well as:
    scsi boot disk;
    and raid 0 with2raptors for audio files
    as audio workstation
    I am deciding on a new soundcard/solution. I think I want the q 10
    from aardVark, but I always have wanted a lot of things, ha no I will make it happen if thats what it is decided.
    thanks to readers
  6. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    Are you trying to update the BIOS from Windows using ASUSliveupdate or from a bootable floppy disk?
  7. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    Its a thing you are instructed to make a boot floppy in a sort of fashion , I just am doing something out of whack
    let me get the link
  8. Jbon

    Jbon Guest


    I would appreciate a re-speaking of this , or for it to be put another way, something is not completing the circuit, as I am doing things, somehow,
    I don't know if the fact i am in win98 is pertinent in a way so as to cause my errors in anything, or not... I have 98 installed from long ago, on an old disk out of an old pc from long ago, my intention is to install xp home ,booting from a scsi drive, using raid 0 array for audio drive/s, and these are my fore-front probs, I ain't got into it good, yet, if ya know what i mean...
    thanks for your comeback I am watchin cuz i need to get this and asus takes the weekends off.........................
  9. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    I have to admit I may have a sort of a complex.. about geniuses who are the ones who almost always answer the phone at Toshiba, HP, and any other tech call i make the chance is at least 50% IT WILL BE A NON anglo "English speaker" If you get me..... and so the same goes for manuals and letters on the behalf of certain firms.... when I bought thr "Evercool" Water Cooler"..............Man!! the guy who writes their manuals or webpages or whatever you read when you are trying to LEARN SOMETHING can barely TALK!!!!!!!!!

    BUT I realize this is just a personal problem I have
  10. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    Sorry man ......................Floppy...why?
  11. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    So what part of this procedure exactly are you stuck at?

    I needed to know if it was a floppy because there are different methods for different mobo makers.
  12. pbryce

    pbryce Active Member

    Feb 15, 2001
    Alberta. Canada
    If you are using the P4P800 Deluxe like you say in your first post, then updating the BIOS is a piece of cake.

    No need to go into Windows or use a Boot floppy .

    Look at page 4-3 of your manual on the proper procedure.

    But.. if you can't figure it out then here you go :

    1. Go to Asus web site and d/l the latest BIOS, and then rename the downloaded file as P4P800.ROM
    Save the BIOS file to a floppy disk.

    2. Reboot the system.

    3. To launch EZ Flash, press <Alt>+<F2> during POST to display the BIOS recovery screen.

    4. Insert the floppy disk that contains the BIOS file.
    EZ Flash performs the BIOS update process and automatically reboots the system when done.

    Note: DO NOT shutdown or reset the system while updating the BIOS, or you will be screwed :(
  13. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    Actually my very special friends, the bios upgrade I want to perform must NOT be performed using E-Z-flash...according to Asus..and I cannot repeat the reason why it would be different for any other user of p4p800d, but there is a paragraph that clearly warns against using it unless your bios is I think 1010, or 1015, you are verysternly warned only to use "afudos" to upgrade.And since mine is 1005, I am in this category.the bios I need being 1016, my issues are not nearly as foreign as it seems, but as I explain to you that I have other issues also "in the chute", so to speak,.
    The most urgent I believe is the fact my "C"is scsi,my very first one(of course)
    And there are other complications , each of which is in place because of my sights being set so very lofty... it occasionally seems hopeless, for only a few days at a time..then I regain my composure, to a degree, and do a segment of reading,(the lack of which is my real problem),and getting the renewed hope of a "new" strategy...
    A third complication I had heaped upon myself had been that I'd been wasting time(I now believe),"using" an old , already set-up disk , out of an older family pc with w98 on it...

    I got it out of the machine...and will resume tests and research today.. weekend is over soon and Asus staff will return.. if this is in any way relative, I suspect not, since I don't think I have made clear to anyone just how many simultaneous blockages I have placed in my own path , in the way of a start-up of "normal"descript....
    I know what I am attempting can be done.
    I am perplexed as to why the data about how to do it is so much LESS apparent than that advocating the process, other than the mere nature of scsi being what it is, and most folks have little or no use for it doesn't help much, either, but still this leaves plenty of data which I simply have not yet reached in my reading.
    The fact my scsi controller card came with no disk or instructions, same as the used disk I bought, doesn't bother me the way my lack of experience has me not knowing which is the most direly needed to get fixed NEXT, or the priority of my many issues is not clear to me, only that there are issues, not yet resolved.

    I hope you folks don't get me wrong, I am so very appreciative of the concern to lend a hand , I am just jammed up more than a mouthful can blurt out in one breath....
    Iwas happily "playing","basking" for a period, in the fact that the hurdle of"is this mobo good?",was my major prob, and the "giddyness" of success, had me in euphoria, for a time, I was "using" the ata disk with98 on it, to make sure that the rest of my configurations, might not be just the normal usual breeze that I find most to be, almost stumbling into all the right solutions....I must have hoped somehow that I could from this established,familiar, 98 installation could be my safe control "center of operations", from which to safely finish all my configuring chores, without any complications,like I was used to with most other things I try to do with the pc&windows,etc.
    I realise now that I must continue to remain calm, for an even more sustained period of "uncertainty", while I read, study, and research broad topics like "the pc guide", or the websites of all my hardwares and evrything else I have to learn about booting from a scsi "beast", as he put it.

    I afterwards will locate all the more than ample resources I could have shortened my setup with, but I will know then at least.
    I cannot help but feel astonished that for such great inspiration, the Radified site is letting you do your own research, on the matter of specific instruction, and I know this is wrong, it must be.
    the one thing I wish I knew now, is which issue is more likely to cause drag on the other, my out-dated bios, or my unsupported unconfigured scsi boot-drive,(there's also the fact I have not yet installed my two raptors to form the array "drive" in raid"0",or'AUDIO" drive.
    I don't think that last part might have impeded my other issues, but I do not KNOW this for a fact.....
    One thing for sure, though... I will be eaten-up with savvy on the subject after all this,eh?

    thanks to the special characters who have braved this post and are reading this now, this ,for you are the best
  14. Jbon

    Jbon Guest

    I am apparently stuck at the first part as I need to ask if the boot disk must be made using the machine in question or any of same os, or just any dos? etc. plus I need scsi advice too,or advice regarding which is more priority I suppose.

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