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  1. 1st time poster here, what a great resource this is!

    My system:
    P4 1.7g
    ASUS P4sdx SiS
    Sonar 2.0
    Cool Edit Pro 2.1
    Mackie 1604VLZ pro ( has 8 dir outs)

    I have been using the orig GINA system from Echo since it came out and it has performed wonderfully for my needs which have been up to now just live jam room recording via 2 mics for strictly fun and old age archives. My jam archives consist of cases of reel tapes from the early 70's thru racks of 4 trk cassette tapes to boxes of CDR's. The jam studio has now been taken over by my son's bands and cohorts and I need more IO asap (8 ana ins / 8 ana outs) that will handle soft synth live play while simultaneously recording. My old GINA I/F would never work for live play while recording. I have had to use a soundblaster to play my NI B4 synth for example while recording the live jam w/ the GINA.

    The crux of my inquirery is:

    for $450 max what is the best thing I can find either new or used as far as Win/PC stability, minimal live play latency, minimal driver issues and has compatability with PC game software? I will probably never need more than 8 I/O and my desire is to give my son some decent live demo recording capabilities. When it gets serious we will go to a pro studio.

    I see the MOTU 2408 mk2 systems are in or under that range but I'm nervous about all the negative PC/driver comments I have read.

    Thx in advance
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    Aug 21, 2004
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    IMO, Since you already have the GIna 24 your best bet would be to get an Echo Layla 24. I just bought a second one to bring my rig up to 16 in and 16 out. The current version of the Layla is being discontinued (the new model has 2 pre's built in) and you can get it at Musicians Friend for $499. The Layla and Gina will sync together using the Layla's clock and you'll have 10 analog ins and 16 analog outs plus MIDI, ADAT and SPDIF ins and outs. Another choice is the Alesis AI3 ADAT interface it's a nice box for $399 but it's DAC's are only 20 bit and your Gina's are 24 bit so for the extra $100 I'd go with the Layla. The links below are for the Layla and AI3. Hope one of them works for you.


  3. Echo Layla24 vs MAudio Delta 1010 vs Echo Layla3G

    Thx fer yesponding. The Gina I have is the original 20 bit from Event Electronics before they sold to Echo and as I said in my original post I could never get simultaneous record and control of any softsynth. I could get playback from GINA itself but not playback/output of say Native Inst B4 whilst recording w/ GINA. I tried for yrs through Event tech service, Win98, Echo tech service, Win2k and every driver update from day one. Using an additional soundblaster to control and play softsynths was the only thing that worked. With this in mind can anyone tell me if the same problem exists w/ either the Layla24 or 3G? How do the Laylas compare to the Delta 1010? I don't need mic pre's so are the DACs in the 3G really that much better to justify the extra 100 bucks the 3G would cost over a used Layla24 w/ that in mind?
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    Aug 21, 2004
    Quakertown PA
    I can't comment on the Delta 10/10 or 3G as I have never used them. IMO the Layla24 is an excellent unit for the money. I've had one of the 24's since they came out and just bought another. There are no driver issues that I have heard of or experienced. It's very stable and reliable. I have no latency issues at all. As far as MIDI goes I have no problems. I don't use mine for games. I have a dedicated audio PC and a dedicated gameing PC. The 3G is basically a 24 with 2 pre's built in and a new box as far as I can tell. The specs look the same.

    As far as your soft synth issue have you tried posting your issue on the digital audio forum? Maybe someone there can help.

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