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  1. hey guys... i recently managed to pick up a UREI 7510b 'auto mic mixer' nice and cheap (i'm talking cheaper than the price of the smallest behringer mixer!) with twelve preamps and direct outs. i think it was designed for conferences and chuches as a mixer but has anyone used one of these for tracking anything... if so ... what??? how can i expectr this to compare to anything else that urei made?
    i'm going to be giving it a test run soon on drums and guitar in a medium sized room into cubase so i'll let you know how i get on...
    just wondered if anyone had any horror stories or even anymore of the expansion boards so i can take it to 24 channels??? ;)

    cheers guys...

  2. jbeutt

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    Mar 2, 2005
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    I found two Urei 539 eqs in a rack this theater group had. Oddly, they didn't seem to do anything, they also seemed to have a custom 1/4 replacement of the standard terminal block. Anywho, i forgot about them and after a bit put them back in the chain and they started working. They're really nice. the 539 are notch eqs, but they're very pleasent and sound great.
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    The one thing to watch with UREI gear .... The older stuff was made by Bill Putnam (UA). Later on, JBL bought the name and released some items under the UREI moniker ... I think that mixer the original poster was asking about falls under that catagory. The early stuff was very good ... the stuff made by JBL for the most part, pretty much unremarkable.

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