USB, AES/EBU,HDMI together?

Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by vibrations1951, Jul 8, 2019.

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    I did this many times. Running power from stage to FOH cured the hum and running the cables right next to each other for most of the 100 feet didn't cause any.

    In fact, there are cables for active speakers which pair a power cable and an XLR cable in one jacket.
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    At this point I'm thinking the HDMI/DVI-D cable system utilizing the Blackmagic converters, SDI with the premade coax is the way to go for my monitor screen hook up. Thanks @Boswell , @bouldersound ,@dvdhawk

    AES/EBU with the Mogami multi channel and Redco Db25 metal connectors should be fine and I have all the parts on hand to give it a try.

    USB is still the stickler. Dave @dvdhawk , I contacted Antelope re. this with the Pure 2. The tech said that a high speed repeater or booster cable setup "should work well" but of course he couldn't endorse that. The tech at Redco gave similar feedback to me.
    Considering the price, I think it will be worth it to try one and see what happens. I can use the same cable to test the Houston Controller as well before buying 2. The Kramer stuff is out of range for me at this time.

    @paulears You have helped me relax, as have others in this thread, concerning running specific cables together etc.. Great info and thanks!

    I'm meetig with my computer friend today to sus this all out and will get back with the results of our discussions. I haven't completely settled on which screen or possibly 2 (I may have the realestate on my desk), use of wireless mouse & keypad and if or how to use a splitter with switch to avoid 2 keypads and mouses etc..
    Thanks all!

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