USB can create stutter

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by grega60438, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. grega60438

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    Two MOTU 896HD units=Stutter on playback. Stutter location intermittent and moves locations.

    Root cause:
    Who would figure that USB could create issues when alot of audio equipment sold is USB based?
    Intermittant stutter caused by the USB mouse.
    Removed the USB and the issue went away.
    I am presently converting all my USB midi and USB mouse back to old fasioned direct wire.
    I am getting rid of all of the USB equipment.

    Equip details below
    Computer equipment:
    Motherboard: ASUS P4C800-E deluxe
    Cpu: Pentium 4 Prescott 800MHZFSB 1MB 2.8Ghz
    Ram: 1GB 3200 Geil (2 pieces of 512=1GB)
    Storage: (2) Western Digital 120GB SATA 8 MB Cache 7200 RPM (WD1200JD)
    Sound card: 896HD#1 896HD#2
    DSP card: (3) TC Electronic PCI Powercore
    Video Card: BFG Asylum 5600 256MB NVIDEA
    DVD/CD Burner: Sony DVD+RW/+R DVD-RW/-R (DRU510A)
    Windows XP servicepack 2 home addition with all updates completed.

    Computer Setup:
    Note: Audio optimized
    Disabled all unnecessary windows services
    Auto update=Off
    System Restore=Off
    Best performance of background services
    System sounds=Off
    No virus scanner

    Greg Alcorn
    Alcorn Studios
  2. tubes4tone

    tubes4tone Guest

    I don't know much, but I do know that the mouse driver has a pretty high priority interrupt, so if it's using the same USB and hence IRQ as your other USB equipment, it could be interrupting the other functions. Try switching just your mouse back to PS2 and rebooting and then see if that helps.
  3. slowjett

    slowjett Guest

    I think he did, but also you dont have to give up your usb input devices like your mouse and keyboard, just get usb to ps2 adapters.
  4. grega60438

    grega60438 Guest

    I mainly wrote this to notify you all that USB may be the cause stutters.

    With PS2 mouse everything is perfect.
    When using the USB mouse then stutters occur when the mouse is moved.
    Basically I plan on shutting down the USB completely.
    I have 50' PS2 cables coming this week.
    I ordered MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV Parallel.
    I have two USB midi ports that will be up for sale soon.
  5. grega60438

    grega60438 Guest

    PS/2 will not run 50 feet.
    So I had to get a PS/2 extender.
    EXT-PS2-100 $129.00
    Greg Alcorn
    Alcorn Studios

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