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    Looking for the best value one of these.

    I have a 2011 macbook pro and am looking for an interface to use, opinions on best value with phantom power for inputs?

    I've heard to stay away from prosonus and m-audio is OK but not much else, and advice will be helpful.
    For use with an SM58 for vocals.
    Also for recording guitar.
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    What's your budget? Will you need more than two channels?

    I don't know what you've heard about Presonus, since they make some good pre-amps, but maybe nothing that would suit your requirement. Another make you should look at is Audient, in particular their Mico, which is an excellent two-channel pre-amp with built-in ADC. I have used a Mico to go via optical S/PDIF directly into a Macbook Pro, and this combination forms a very compact high-quality arrangement. The Mico can be used either for two microphones (with phantom power) or one microphone and a DI input for guitar. I believe the 2011 Macbook Pro (with Thunderbolt) still has the optical I/O as the specs continue to say "digital/analog" for the line input and output, but you would have to check this.

    I'm assuming you are planning to get a condenser mic in the future, as phantom power is not needed for your SM58.

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