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I just got a Tascam US-122 for a small setup on a PC to use it as a sampler. I have a G4 on the other hand as my DAW with DP3 and a Motu 896 all routed thru a Mackie VLZ 1642.
And here goes the question... Why do I keep hearing a noise from the Tascam that nasty noise produced by digital transfers,( I guess its a digital noise ) I have tried a shorter USB cable, separing the audio sources from the USB, changing USB ports, reinstalling and nothing yet.
Have the same problem? Let me now? Have you fixed it let me know tooooooo!!!!!


Sounds familiar...other than I'm not using a USB audio device just yet. This is the thread where all of my troubles are at:

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Do not USB devices, I have tried from this cheap tascam up to mbox and some in between all for personal usage but definetly USB is not ment to be profesional. I have finally lowered the noise by isolating data cables from audio cables its better but not
what I wanted.
Lets get back to basic!!!!!!!



the main thing about that noise though is it never really enter your audio, like if you tracked through the mbox, you wouldn't hear the audio with the usb noise in it, you'll be hearing interference between the usb wire and audio cables, which will only come up on the monitor. I used to have that problem with my firewire drive. The problem was solved after I seperated the wires and got neater about how I set up my wires behind my rig.