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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by kobuk, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. kobuk

    kobuk Guest


    I've been cruising along quite nicely since I built my own DAW with the help of Opus and others here. Unfortunately, I decided to reenable USB only to discover that USB doesn't even exist in the device manager. I have USB enabled in the BIOS and HIC enabled in services. All the troubleshooting on the net assumes that you can see USB on the device manager's list.

    Am I missing something obvious?

    xp pro w/sp1
    intel p4 2.4


  2. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003

    Did you uninstall the drivers? The P4PE should have come with a driver disk. You can try there. If not go to asus website:

    Or you could try windows update.

    Or your windows install disk.

    I would really have to be in front of your computer to help you any further. Sorry.

  3. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott Active Member

    Aug 1, 2002
    Ontario Canada
    Home Page:
    Mitz, you could be in front of his computer. Just got to and get the vnc veiwer fro your puter, and the vnc server for the one you want to get into. I use this to access other puters in my setup that are not in the same room.

    Just a thought :p:
  4. kobuk

    kobuk Guest


    thanks for the reply. No, as far as I can remember I didn't uninstall any drivers.

    I guess my question now is. What is the procedure to install drivers for a device that doesn't exist in the device manager? This is something I've never had to do before.

  5. MisterBlue

    MisterBlue Member

    Mar 15, 2003
    If the drivers are missing and the south bridge chip (responsible for USB) is powering up correctly it should detect new hardware and attempt to install the drivers (unless these devices are explicitly disabled in the device manager). As this doesn't appear to be the case chances are the thing is either "hardware disabled" on the MoBo (and I don't know the MoBo well enough to know whether that is a possibility) or it is plain toast.

    Did you try "hard reseting" the BIOS ?
    Did you try explicitly installing any USB drivers ("Install New Hardware")?

    Not much more I can offer ...

  6. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003
    The mobo driver disk should have an installer, or maybe that file from Asus web site is accompanied by one. That's the best I can tell you about that. I'm afraid I've never encountered that situation.

    You said you re-enabled USB, which means you disabled it at some point, right? How exactly did you disable it?

    I'd hate to say bum board but...

    Where'd you buy it from? Did they do burn-in testing? Can you exchange it?
  7. kobuk

    kobuk Guest

    I'm in the studio for a couple more days so I wont have much time to mess with things.

    Yes, I disabled USB in the BIOS when I first put everything together and disabled any services that related to USB.

    I bought the MOBO from newegg but I'm not sure if it is returnable at this stage. I guess I could put a usb card in if all else fails.

    Yes, I did install software related to the USB device (umax scanner). Could this have messed up anything in windows?

  8. mjones4th

    mjones4th Active Member

    Aug 15, 2003
    Okay I'm clueless. Try a hard reset of the bios like previously suggested. You have to try to get it in 'fresh from factory'shape. Of course I have no idea how to do so, because I've never done so, but I'm sure there's plenty of help on the net. Or maybe a bios update?

    Also try to see if you can repair your xp installation.

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