USB vs. PCI latency (in cakewalk homestudio)

Discussion in 'Computing' started by roirat, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. roirat

    roirat Guest

    Hey, i'm new here, howzit?

    I have an m-audio mobilepre (USB) that feeds my cakewalk homestudio. I find that latency tends to be a real pain. after every take, I have to go and re-align by hand so the timing matches up. would this be reduced significantly with a PCI soundcard? I don't want to spend the money if not.

    what about MIDI? I'm about to start using midi to control my alesis sr16 so its tempo matches up with cakewalk's, so I can use the looping features. is latency gonna be a problem there?

  2. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    Are you using the ASIO driver in Cakewalk?
  3. roirat

    roirat Guest

    never heard of it. to be honest, i've left a lot of the settings default since i was honestly a bit overwhelmed when i first got it.

    ASIO? uh, A____ Sound In/Out? hmm, i'll have to check.

  4. roirat

    roirat Guest

    Okay, so I changed the driver in cakewalk from "user default" to ASIO.

    My observed latency seems to have dropped off A LOT. Thanks!


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