Using 2 midi keyboard ance

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  1. gafadi

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    Using 2 midi keyboard at once

    hey guys, i am sorry if this is posted at wrong section , i couldn't find the right place to post it and this was the only reasonable section i could find for this topic.

    Ok my question is can i use 2 midi keyboards at once ? i have a Axiom 25 and Oxygen 49. I use Reason 4 for making beats, i use the axiom 25 for drum pads and also the keys for drums they feel much better for drums and i use oxygen 49 for piano and all other purposes. I do have a audio interface ( Presonus Audiobox ) but i am not plugging the midi's thru , i connected them directly to pc in usb port.

    So is it possible to use them at once ? side by side
  2. gafadi

    gafadi Guest

    Ok i got it but one problem , my drum pads arent working. Only one of them record, it plays but when i am recording them they are not recording
  3. songsmyth

    songsmyth Guest

    You should be able to use them together. Make sure that the appropriate 'recording source' is selected in each track...
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