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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by benglass, Oct 28, 2007.

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    Hi People,
    I am planning a project where I will play sax with a DJ and would like to use my Line6 DL4 Echo pedal which has a loop sampler which I will sync manually with the tempo. I am concerned that unless I create some kind of gate or similar technique, the mic will just swell with the feedback unless I find a way of controlling the gain automatically or even just riding the fader... The other problem is that I live in a very remote part of Brazil where finding anything techie is both difficult and expensive.

    Though I would like to just utilise the PA setup, here is a summary of the main bits of Kit I use in my home setup here:

    G4 Titanium Powerbook 1.25GHz / 1.5GB DDR SDRAM
    Metric Halo Firewire Interface
    Genelec 1029A's

    Many thanks for any ideas!

    Ben, Trancoso, Brazil
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    Feb 23, 2005
    Your echo pedal should not feedback unless you are routing it improperly. The rig you described isn't what you will be using as a PA, is it?
    The typical PA amp-even the simplest- will have a way to route and control the way the echo pedal gets the signal the "SEND"), and then a way to RETURN that signal back into the system in a way that will NOT be routed back to the echo unit. Even the most mundane PA heads have this feature. If you can find out more about the PA you'll be using, we can give you more specific advice.

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