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  1. How do you apply an effect to a specific time within a track?

    For example:

    You have a vocal with the following lyric " One, Two, Three" and you want only the Three to echo, delay etc.

    Also the same sort of thing with an instrumental part and you want the end of a section to echo, delay etc.

    All I can think of would be to automate the aux send to the track or duplicate the track and cut pieces out, but are there other methods?
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    On analog boards I'll use the aux send on the channel - when the phrase comes by I'll turn it up to the effect, then immediately turn it down (or mute it if the board is capable) after the phrase passes.

    In a DAW, the absolute easiest way is to copy just the word or section, paste it into another track, and route just that via aux send to the delay effect.

    Automation works, of course, depending on the DAW...

    What DAW are you using?
  3. TheBear

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    ya, thats what i use since i dont hae a sweet console to work on right now.

    i cut and paste the phrase to another track and route it to an aux.
  4. unfortunately it doesnt sound like your using computer software to edit. If you were you could just highlight that phrase and even cheap recording software would let you apply any effect to the selection
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