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    I want to use logic (with all it's plug ins) but configure audio ins and outs via an ADAT bridge and an 888.

    As I understand it, if I use ESB I can only have eight outputs from logics mixer into the TDM gear although I don't know how the inputs for this system would work.

    I've tried using the direct i/o driver in logic with the above units and I can only get the 888 to work this way. No audio will pass through the ADAT bridge.

    I'd be grateful if someone could shed some light on both these areas as soundtech just read specs from emagics website and there is no detail in the logic manual.

    Ta! ;)
  2. stefhambrook

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    Today I managed to get logic to pass audio through the ADAT bridge by swapping the leads from the cards so that it appears first. But now it's the 888 that doesn't work. Help!
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    There are two products from emagic for integrating TDM in the Logic world.

    the PTHD Extension for HD hardware.

    And the ESB TDM that allows you to use native and TDM plugs at the same time.


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