Using the mkII (USB 2.0 version) with a laptop PC

Discussion in 'Computing' started by cesargmiranda, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. I'm having syncronization problems with the mkII (the new USB 2.0 version) when I try to install it in a laptop pc. I get clicks, beeps, and silences. The CueMix console gives me back the following error message : "The CueMix is not in sync because the audio stream is not locked".
    Does anybody knows if there is any known uncompatibility of the mkII with some kind of laptop pc.
    I'm using a
    Intel 4 3.2 GHz with an ATI chipset
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    Is your internal drive 7200rpm, with 8MB cache?

  3. No. It's not. Is 5.400 rpm :?
    Is that the problem? If so, is there any way to solve it without having to change the computer?
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    you can buy another internal (for laptops) or external firewire (assuming your laptop has a firewire connex) HD with 7200rpm spindle speed, both are fairly pricey, but worth it for intense audio use.

    that said, it is a very good idea in general to run 2 drives one internal which should contain your OS and all your Applications, only! and a second one which should contain only Audio data (all your recordings, sounds)
  5. So you think the hard disk speed could be the origin of the syncronization problem? The problem I have seems to be something related with the communication between the laptop and the motu via the USB 2.0 hub.
    What shall I do if I get, for example, an external USB hard disk? Install the software of the MOTU on it?

    Is not neccesary to change the internal hd where the S.O and all its funcions are installed to solve the problem?

    Please, give me an answer. I've been with this problem since the last month. I bought two different computers (bought one and then changed it for another) and none of them works. I'm going crazy...

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