Using two audio interfaces at once

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by alephbot, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. alephbot

    alephbot Guest


    Is there any way that anyone here knows how you can use two firewire audio interfaces at once with either Logic Pro (6.4) or Protools LE.

    I'm in OSX and I have a Motu 828 and the Digi 002. I really would like to be able to use BOTH instead of one at a time (which seems terribly backwards to me). I know that Protools is probably not going to let me do it - at this point I'm willing to get rid of the 002 if I knew that I could use something else in tandem with my 828 in Logic.

    Let me know yours thoughts/ideas.

    Also, lightpipe options for doing this? Any way to digitally get another 8 channels on one of these without having a digital mixer or ADAT in the chain?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    PT LE will only work with digidesign hardware, so the 828 won't work. Unlikely you'll be able to use both these in another application as they don't share identical ASIO drivers or whatever's needed on a Mac.

    You're only option as I see it is to use a 8 channel lightpipe (ADAT) interface alongside the 002 or 828 (can't remember if the 828 has ADAT lightpipe). MAudio, Focusrite and Behringer are amongst a few companies who offer these ADAT lightpipe interfaces.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Mac OSX has core audio, which presently does not allow for multiple audio interfaces.
    supposed you can use 2 RME Firface but i have yet to hear of anyone doing this.
    on a PC Asio will allow for multiple cards but they must be identical.

  4. ghellquist

    ghellquist Member

    May 25, 2004
    PT LE - exactly one interface, never more never less. You can go up to the maximum inputs on it, never more.

    Motu 828mkII (which I own) on PC (which I run) - you are supposed to be able to run several MOTU interfaces at the same time. At least according to all documentation and specs. I would use two Motu 828mkII-s when needed. To be on the safe side I wold include a word-clock cable as well (remember, it should always be terminated on the receiving end, which takes a T-connector and a terminator). My 828mkII though has 10 AD built in, and I get another 10 from a Behring ADA8000 (could not afford more, it works). All in all 20 channels.

    More than two interfaces, now we are talking a bit too many channels to be comfortable for a standard PC setup. Not quite sure the system will be up to it.

  5. Dave62

    Dave62 Guest

    Motu claims that DP4 can use the core manager and see any motu product and the digidesign 002 rack at the same time although I have not been able to make Motu Audiodesk, which uses the same drivers, work at this on my mac. I use an Alesis AI-3 optical patchbay to get 16 inputs/outputs from my 002 rack and I bought an Motu 24 I/O for remote recording and then bring it into Protools to mix and I would love to be able to run them together for 40 tracks of remote. Good luck.
  6. sumyounguy

    sumyounguy Guest

    This is an interesting point. I've got a USB soundcard I don't use anymore and just bought a M-Audio Solo. (the only Firewire i/o i can afford) Is there anyway to use one of my old USB interfaces in conjunction with my M-audio? Or what if I buy a bigger interface can I use it in conjunction with my M-audio solo?
  7. bartuk

    bartuk Guest

    As far as I know, osX's core audio in principle has no problem with
    multiple drivers/interfaces, it's Logic that still doesn't support multiple
    drivers: you can only select one at a time. But then one driver (ie. the Motu's) may support multiple interfaces (most likely of the same kind). Sound's like an 8ch lightpipe pre would be the most elegant and
    foolproof solution.

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