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Using wireless headphones when recording?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Pat Lyons, Oct 18, 2003.

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  1. Pat Lyons

    Pat Lyons Guest

    I am producing a CD with my trio and my bass player brought over a set of wireless headphones.


    tHE WIRELESS EXPERIMENT SEEMED TO WORK VERY WELL BUT, I'm concerned that radio frequencies may mess up the recording.

    Are recording studio's using wireless headphones?

    Can I use 3 sets of wireless headphones?

    If it's ok to use wireless headphones, what brand is the best?....should i use a system that allows one transmitter
    & multiple headphones or have 3 transmitters & 3 headphones?

    Thanks alot,
    Pat Lyons

    [ October 20, 2003, 05:37 PM: Message edited by: Pat Lyons ]
  2. Jbon

    Jbon Guest


    anyway,, I would like to see you get the answers to those questions because I would love to have them as well!
    if you or anyone has the skinny about using wireless headphones in the home studio, I am absolutely stressing like a pressure cooker trying to make as educated of-a-guess as can be made,whether to use SAY A PAIR, OR EVEN THREE SETS of wireless headphones and expect their signals to ;each keep to itself, and have its steadfast-integrity as it should, or not, plus the quality of the signal is naturally important as well, but actually the first issue is one tick more so to me. It presently escapes me what else I'd meant to discuss, but its likely proportionately less prior...and maybe someone will remind me.
    I am simply responding to the threads I find already on the subject, which I am anxious to learn late developements in reference to..that is the use of wireless headphones in the studio and its inherent qualities.. lotsa variables..ear"buds",for instance have given me nice playback for fm listening enjoyment while working up high in a man-lift many-a-workday, so I expect to be overwhelmed at the least, whenever I do realize the true state of the "art" I may find the best response could actually be bud-based? I don't know but want to.. there certainly exists already, some very expensive buds on the market if i remember correctly, I'd love to know about those reviews
    Comments? Opinions? Intel?
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