UX2 GearBox Digital Interruptions?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by abefroman35, Jul 4, 2008.

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    So as the title states, I am using the Tone Port UX2 with GearBox. I have a brand new XPS M1530, 4 gig ram, Core Duo 2.4 ghz; but I also have Vista Premium. I have downloaded the latest versions of everything. GearBox 3.6, Live Lite 7, and the Reaper 2 or 3.

    Well here is my dilemma. Whenever I start up GearbBox and plug up the UX2 (I have used this on another computer before and know how to use it pretty decently) and I start playing there is an interruption during the output of the sound. Almost like the there is a computer latency problem, as in it takes a second to pause and retrieve the information.

    I have tried everything I can think of, and all of the solutions the online support give. I have tried; turning off WiFi and Bluetooth, unplugging the mouse, turn running programs off, went straight to the interface instead of through my pedal board, and miced my amp instead of instrument input. But it seems as if it is a problem either with the interface, connection from the interface to the USB port, gearbox itself, or maybe there is something else running in my background of my comp?

    If anybody has any suggestions, then I would be forever grateful. I really don't want to have to spend another couple hundred to start recording again. Thanks for the help, Abe
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    Umm software?
    Are you saying your signal goes guitar -> computer -> software effects -> speakers?

    If you are doing this you fail.
    To monitor this you need uber processing just to get the latency to something you will still hear.
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    Have a look at this:

    Link removed

    I had a similar problem with my UX1 and an old Acer AMD64 with XP.
    I was trying to record my guitar in Ableton and at the same time running Gearbox on the same machine. I think it is related with USB bandwidth and CPU.
    With my new laptop (MBP Dual Core) the UX1 seems to work fine. But I never tried it with Ableton.
    Hope it helps.
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  5. Greener

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    So you hear some sound then it cuts out for a bit then you get more sound?
    Or you play and have to wait until you hear sound?
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    yeah i will hear sound then at random times there is an interruption, like it just stops, then the sound comes back. i turned off the wifi and stuff and it cuts it out decently, but there is still an interruption.
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    Fair enough.
    That sounds like a bus issue.

    Do you have anything else connected to your usb apart from your TonePort?

    Also, do you have the software effects set to high or highest priority?
  8. This is a common problem with USB soundcards. It can be fixed in a big way if you can find out who is stealing time.

    Please download DPC latency checker and watch it as you work for a bit.


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