V-Drums Midi out to PTLE on 002R - Sperate Tracks - How?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by v3gaS, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. v3gaS

    v3gaS Guest

    How simple is this? Does the 002r take the midi direct or will I need another outboard gear option to do this.

    What I want is each trigger to be on a sperate track in PT LE so I can mess with each signal individually.

    How to I guess.

    I have the Roland TD-6V as the main brain to the kit.

  2. kthomson

    kthomson Guest

    I have the td 10 and a home studio. I use the direct outs to aceive basically the same thing. Does the TD6v have direct outs?
  3. v3gaS

    v3gaS Guest

    No it doesn't have 8 direct outs.

    It has a Midi Out and Left and Right 1/4' outs

    That's it.
  4. Johnjm22

    Johnjm22 Guest

    I'm not very good with MIDI but I'll give this a try...

    Okay, first you need to decide whether you want audio tracks in Pro Tools or you want MIDI tracks in Pro Tools. (I'm assuming you know the difference between the two.)

    If you want MIDI tracks in Pro Tools then it's easy. A MIDI cable carries up to 16 channels of commands at once. Take a MIDI cable and go from the MIDI out of the TD-6V, to the 002's MIDI in. Then set up the MIDI outputs of the TD-6V to correspond to MIDI inputs in PT.

    Example: The kick command output from the TD-6V is going over MIDI channel 1, so whatever track in PT you want to have the kick sequence on, set that track's input to MIDI channel 1.

    If you want 8 seperate audio tracks in Pro Tools then theres not much you can do. If the TD-6V only has two audio outputs then it's meant to put out a pre-mixed stereo drum track. You could mix your drums inside the TD-6V then send it to Pro Tools as it's own stereo track, but then you could only adjust the overall volume of the overall drum track as opposed to each individual drum part. And you would be stuck using Roland's sounds (not the best).

    You could also send out each drum part one or two at a time then try lining them up in Pro Tools later, but I don't know how well that would work.

    Hope this helps :cool:


    If you don't now what MIDI is, your probably confused after reading this.
  5. v3gaS

    v3gaS Guest

    Cool. Great.

    So do normal RTAS plugins work on straight midi tracks just like on normal imput audio tracks?

    Just the little things before I set this all up and find out I can't. There will be some gear lauched out my window..
  6. maintiger

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    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    I record midi tracks from roland drums to separate audio tracks all the time. I use DP but it should be the same in any DAW- its a little time consuming but here is how I do it:

    1- record your midi performance to a midi track in your DAW. (drums midi out, DAW midi in) Roland drums are usually in midi track 10

    2- once your midi performance track is recorded use the split midi notes command in your daw. This will make separate midi tracks with your drum info- Roland Kicks are usually in B0 or C1, snares in D1 and so on. Find which one is which and label them accordingly.

    3- Make sure you have enabled both your midi ins and midi outs from both your drums and your DAW. Now if you want to make audio tracks out of your midi tracks mute all your midi
    tracks except your kick. Play the kick midi track and record the output of the v drums to that track in your daw. Follow the same procedure with the rest of the kit and voila, roland v drums in separate audio tracks!

    The main disadvantage is that is time consuming- the main advantage, and this is way cool- is that you can use whatever drum sounds you want for kick, snare, etc. Sometimes I will use the kick from roland, the snare from pure drums, the toms from DFH, etc. As long as you have the midi performance you can use whatever drums sounds you want. :mrgreen:

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