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    Hello all. I am a newby here....great site! anyways i recently purchased a Roland V studio (VS-840EX)...it has been great except for 1 problem. If anyone out there owns this machine and can help, read on, if not...dont bother.
    the problem i am facing is when i do multi track recording, the tracks all seem to blend together. for instance..,.if i record drums on track one then a guitar on track 2, when i go to play back both tracks seperatly, it works great, and i can mute the guitar track easily too...but when i try and mute the drum track, i cant...the drums (or whatever perevious tracks are playing) seem to bounce over and record onto the next tracks! it gets quite hectic sometimes, if i do a guitar bit, then record soemthing else later, i cant take out the guitar bit i did first!
    if anyone has any info that will help me please reply, any links with info on the V studio would be much appreciated as well.
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    That and a bit of searching should do the trick ;)

    Enjoy :cool:

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