Van Halen Jump on Ellen DeGeneres

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by audiokid, Apr 5, 2015.

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    Yea... I saw the same thing on a Jimmy Kimmel youtube vid where they performed Eruption/ You Really Got Me.

    Watching that performance, I was reminded of the hundreds of guitar players who used to come into the music store were I worked, back in the 80's - all of them trying to play Eruption and all of them always falling short.
    Eddie's performance on Kimmel of that guitar solo reminded me of those guys... he didn't quite make it, either, it was pretty sloppy. LOL

    I guess it's okay though; EVH looks much better these days than the last time I saw him... I was at a recording conference in L.A. years ago, he was there for a few hours - and looked pretty bad at the time - but it looks like he's doing a lot better now and I'm glad to see that. The last time I saw him, if I'd been asked, I would have given him another year - at the most - before he became just another Rock Star casualty.

    I think that this may be a bit like trying to capture lightning twice, we've all seen him do his "thing" so many times, that it's become less impressive as the years go by, or at least not quite as "effective" as his style once was.

    I think he's an incredible musician, certainly innovative for his time; I guess I'd just like to see him grow into something new musically, to branch out a bit and do some different things, instead of simply re-creating a"caricature" of his past-self.
    He certainly has the talent for it.

    I'd be a little curious to know if half of the audience was even old enough to remember - or know - who Van Halen is/was.

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