Verb not the same in mix?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by storkrecords, Mar 23, 2004.

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    Please bare with me while I explain the scenario, for I'm getting different answeres from friends. I need help from a pro.
    Ok; I'm using a digi 001 with a couple of outboard pieces.
    I'm using a lexicon 550 verb. The lex is 7-8 on my digi 001
    I'm using the lex for vocals, so I create a stereo aux track
    The input of that aux is 7-8 The out is A12s/pdiflr (my mix)

    Now with a new aux track I do the same with a comp, which is 5-6

    So I mix, everything sounds good (well to me the ameteur)
    Question: How do I get this to CD?
    Here is what I was told and tried and failed.

    I tried to bus all of my tracks including aux's to bus 1-2
    Then create a new stereo track with an input bus 1-2 and an
    out of A12s/ etc etc. my mix
    So I arm the new track, highlight everything I heard befor that I was
    satisfied with and record to that stereo track. Doing all this so that
    my outboard FX will go to the stereo track which I can bounce to
    CD. Anyway, What happens to my verb,
    its not the same, and the comp is bla as well.
    Help.......Thanks Ed
  2. aaronwiles1

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    I've always had the same issue in trying to do this. I had to work around it and go to a separate 2 track recorder (dat, or external cd burner etc.).

    Whenever I would return anything and do a bounce in PT, it just lost it somewhere. I don't know which version you're using. It seems to me that bouncing in version 6 for OSX sounded a bit better than in previous versions running on OS9.

    I don't know if you have the ability to mix to a separate 2 track recorder or not, but that would be my suggestion or work around.
  3. djui5

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    You have the reverb hooked up to the in's and out's of channel 7,8 right? So what you want to do is set up an aux in pro-tools and set it's input to bus 1,2 and it's output to channel 7,8. Then on the vocal track open the first aux send and send it out bus 1,2 post fader then turn up the fader. You should be seeing level on the Lex...
    Next make a new audio track and label it reverb. Set it's input's to channel 7,8 and put it in record enable (hit the record button). This will allow you to hear the verb. Then when you get it set the way you want...then record the verb to that new audio track and that way when you bounce to disk the reverb will be there.....make sure you take off record enable after recording the verb.

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