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    Just wanted to put up this post. I just bought a used VF-08. Haven't done much with it yet. I know in some people's eyes, it may not be the best thing to get, but I think I did good in getting it. I got it for about the price of an analog four track. $280 USD, so I can't complain.
    I really wanted to get one of the Rolands, since I get there product magazine every three months or so, and they've got me sold on the quality of there product. However, the Roland doesn't come with phantom power, or mic pres for that matter. The Fostex doesn't use any compression to store the audio, and it is smaller.
    I bought it, so I don't have to rely on my computer for everything, and because it is portable. I will probably use it to track the various groups that I play and sing with, and since this is usually done away from my house, the portability thing is really nice.
    So anyway, just wanted to let someone know I got it.......now if I could only learn how to sing.
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    I have played around with my VF-08 a little, I have two rough songs of my own in there, and four songs of me and my choir group( acapella).
    It's really nice to just be able to turn it an and go.
    For my original stuff, I just went straight from my Korg EM-1 into the VF-08. Sounded good from the Korg, sounded just as good played back on the Fostex. Then I went from the line outs on my Ibanez PT-5 (floor effects) into the Fostex. I had to set the input trim pot pretty low, I don't know if that is right.
    Anyway the guitar sounded pretty thin, but it sounds thin coming off that processor. When I get the songs into my computer, I'll see what can be done to fatten them up(just for learning purposes)and then probably redo the guitars anyway.
    So far, the EQ and effects on this thing has proved to be useless, this is still the original os, I don't know if I should spend the money on the upgrade.

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