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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by igloo, Apr 13, 2004.

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    Hi, I recently sent my CPU out of my control room and got every cable extension I needed. I have a Powermac G3 and a blue and white Apple Studio Display.

    I also got a Belkin 6 feet VGA extension that fits the length perfectly. However the image is distorted, there's a sort of shadow right from every single letter and image on display.

    At first I thought there could be some interference, but every power outlet is grounded and I'm using a surge protector. Besides, when connecting the monitor directly, the image is clear and unaltered.

    Could it be too much distance for VGA technology? Poor quality of this particular extension? Please help!! this setup is terrible for eye fatigue.


    Rodrigo Montfort
  2. kinetic

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    Yes it sounds to me that the cable to the monitor is either not of sufficent quality, or the length is simply too long. I had experienced similar porblems, resolved instantly by rearranging my cabling and set up and going back to a shorter cable and viola, nice clear image again.
  3. You've probably fixed this problem already, but here are a couple of thoughts. Many times having more than one connector in the vga signal path causes this problem. My recommendation is to replace the cable/extension combo with a single vga cable of sufficient length. I've had great success with lengths up to 50 feet, but if you need to go further you should pick up some kind of splitting/amplifying unit. I found one for around 50 bucks online, and it works great.

    Good Luck
  4. mkruger

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    I had this problem once. It was because there was a power cable to close to the video cable, causing EMI. I simply moved the power cable and the ghost image went away.

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