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    May 19, 2011
    Heres the link to the video I put up on youtube--

    YouTube - ‪EQ questions‬‏

    I'm wondering if I am reading the EQ graph correctly on Pro Tools
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    May 25, 2011
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    Home Page:
    Question 1: Are all sounds coming in at 500 Hz being boosted 12 dB?
    Answer: Yes, but it is not the focus of that eq curve. The main difference you will hear is at and around 80 Hz, where the peak of the curve is. The boost of 500 Hz is a result of the Q setting, and the graphical representation will not be as accurate on the slope as the peak. The only way to really tell how accurate it is is to apply that eq curve to an oscillator running at 500 Hz and use a dB meter to measure before and after eq is applied.

    Question 2: Are the two eq curves the same?
    Answer: It looks as though you set two different bands to read at the same parameters right? They would be the same. The idea here is that you have several different bands to work with so that you can set different eqs on different parts of the frequency spectrum in order to enhance 2 or more different aspects of the instrument, i.e. attack and fundamental of a kick drum. They have certain frequency ranges in which they can operate, and there is some overlap between bands, which allows you to set two different bands with the same exact parameters.

    Hope this helps.

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