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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Cucco, Jun 10, 2009.

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    So I finally took the plunge and got myself an HD Video Camera (a Canon with 1080/24P - I bought a JVC at first, but within 8 hours returned it for a myriad of reasons!!). I've had a LOT of fun with it so far and my intent is to use it in the studio both for location recording (to appease those who want video as well as an additional stream of revenue) and for making "how-to" videos for distribution on YouTube and similar.

    So, I've been playing around with it a lot and must say, it's quite enjoyable. I got Magix Movie Studio Pro Plus (V15) thinking there may have been some benefit given that I use Magix Sequoia and Samplitude. While the editing process is somewhat familiar, it's probably not the direction I'll ultimately wish to go. It's looking like I'll probably make the Vegas Pro plunge here soon.

    So, I'm curious - how many of you out there are using video in your studios? How are you using it? Do you have any tips that you feel are must haves? Are you recording in HD (720P or 1080P)? What software do you use? So many questions...I'm curious - fill me in! I've personally done a LOAD of research on the subject, but I'm curious to hear from the folks who have done this for their own studios.

    My intent at the moment is to use the single camera to learn for the next few months and get to know my video software. Then, I plan on adding a 2nd and 3rd camera for multi-angle shots.
    I'll use the setup to upload YouTube videos, produce DVDs and ultimately produce BluRay discs. (Afterall, I can record in 1080P, why not!! The next step is to buy the DTS-HD Master CODEC - only another $1500 expenditure!!)

    Anyway - I eagerly await your replies and experiences.

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    OMG....where to start? You're going to have a blast, and it will only add to your attractiveness to clients who recognize the value of video. Like many others, we do 3-cam HD shoots all the time, and sync it all up with the multitrack audio in post. (Center cam un-manned, and two side cameras with ops). We started with Sony DV cams back in 99, and have been tweaking the process ever since.

    As you probably already know, I use Samp/Sequoia for audio, and Sony Vegas for Video editing & DVD creation. (I keep the Magix movie maker around for special problems and tricks, but honestly, Vegas is tha' shizzle for PC, anyway.) My video guy also has a MAC (Final Cut Pro, etc.) so we've got most bases covered, esp when clients give us Mac-only compatible HDs and files.

    Good stable tripods are the key for location shoots, along with batteries, AC adapters, mini flashlights, lots of DV tape (or whatever format you're using). Good cam operators are also priceless. (Good video guys are a little different than audio guys! ;-) )

    Once you've got your movies mastered and put on DVD (and ultimately Blu Ray), you'll want to upload clips on to YouTube. It's a very good time for all this, esp since YouTube now allows HD formats and stuff.

    Contact me off line any time you want to chat more about this. I'm up to my ears in post produciton with two recent 3-cam HD operas we shot in April & May, and the client is getting antsy waiting for their masters. ;-)

    Here's a recent clip from last fall (make sure to engage the HD button)
    Obviously, good lighting & good staging, costumes, etc., go a longgg way:
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    This is a topic is very present to me, so forgive me if I've overstepped.

    A guy I work w/ who sometimes runs sound at a good local venue. He recently installed a mounted camera to make DVDs of the the shows he was already recording. He has seen an uptick in requests/payments for the recordings when coupled w/ the video. (He also uses Vegas)

    I run a project studio out of a beautiful old church. Recently I hosted I run of four (monthly) shows w/ a variety of live solo/band musical acts. I recorded the sets in return for being able to take the door donations (and the experience!)
    The sanctuary has some nice lighting options of its own (3 sets of lights w/ dimmers), plus the option to add more traditional (colored) stage lighting.

    As a result, I had the idea to have bands come in w/ a selected audience of 10-25 people, and do a "live" session, w/ video. I was thinking of doing one mounted, and one mobile.

    The crux of this post is this: what video equipment/setup should I look at? I'm already thinking about setting up a different machine for the mounted video (I have no CR to live room window).

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but I'm looking at similar, yet cheaper concept, and thought I could get some starting points.
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