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    Feb 18, 2012
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    I am a Photographer turned videographer. I have a sound designs 302 mixer some sanken lav mics 2 zaxcom lt900 wireless radios and a zaxcom qrx100 receiver, a rode nt3 boom mike a sony fs100 HD camera soon to be replaced by a nikon D4. I have done a number of corporate videos here in switzerland and plan to do more. I also have worked crew (camera, and sound recordist) or several film shorts and plan to do more of that as well as possibly some documentary film work. Having limited experience as a sound recordist I am looking for some insight/recommendations on my upcoming audio equipment purchases for mixer and recorder. (Plan to sell the sound devices 302). I am looking at a zaxcom nomad (4,6,8 channel) and one of the sound devices mixer/recorder options.
    One of the questions I have (trying to think about future situations) what will be the most tracks I will need to record. I don't see myself doing reality shows so I am wondering if a device that mixes/records 4 tracks will be sufficient. Curious what some more professional recordists have run into as channel and track mixing and recording requirements. I have been happy with my zaxcom radios and receiver but I am not sure they are the top notch company that sound devices is. I recently upgraded to Apple OS X Lion and now the zaxcom convert software that converts the audio files from the wireless radio does not work on OS X Lion. Zaxcom has not provided a solution. If I am going to spend upwards of $5-7K for a recorder/mixer I want it to be top notch. I also see my situation mostly working over the shoulder/out in the field so not in a studio. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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