vintage pritec tele-page pa system tube pre amp?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by Charmfist, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. Charmfist

    Charmfist Guest

    i found this vintage single channel pa system in a second hand store... i want to use the preamp to see if it sounds any good for recording. The tubes seem to be in good condition they look pretty new so i dont think theyt are original. 10 bucks so i said why not.... It has an xlr input but the outputs to the speakers is a weird 8 pin connector, its got like 8 xlr pins in a circle, ive never seen this before? I soldered an unbalanced 1/4 cable to the other end and tried to run it in to my mbox via line input, it worked but it sounded like a ground loop, i got shocked also... the power chord has a grownded power chord....

    was wondering in anyone had any thoughts
    and if anyone can answer these questions that would be great

    1. what is the 8 pin circle connector called and is it poosible to buy/build a balanced connection from that to 1/4 inch?

    2. How can i get rid of the ground hum?

    3. Has anyone heard of these units before?

    thanks alot

    ps. it works through the speakers that came with it but they sound like $*^t so i still cant tell what the pre sounds like!
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